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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

How does it all work? 

Here is a little breakdown of the process from Start to Finish

1. PICK A MENU:  You and I work on a menu together.  You provide me some basic information about the group, any dietary restrictions, faves or dislikes. I will put together some options to choose from. 
2. SHARE THE SHOPPING LIST: I will send you a shopping list based on the menu and you can share it with the group.
3. SEND RECIPES & ZOOM LINK: You'll receive a zoom link and link to the class recipes. 
4. CONNECT FOR THE COOKING CLASS: Connect to the zoom link and cook with me for 1-1.5 hours, or your participants can watch me demo the process. 
5. CULINARY Q&A: Throughout the class and after, there are chances to ask me culinary questions.
6. POST CLASS SOCIAL HOUR: I hand the zoom room over to the participants so they can privately enjoy their meal together. 
7. PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE WEEKLY FOOD TIPS:  Participants are added to my food email group that includes my favorite cooking tips and other important info related to what we eat.

Do you ship the ingredients?

No. We've found that shipping perishable ingredients is unpredictable and very expensive. A huge part of our success relies on participants creating delicious food and that is directly a result of fresh ingredients. We could not guarantee fresh ingredients if we delivered by UPS or USPS. Many of us have groceries delivered to our door with Instacart or PrimeNow. We feel that it's easier and more reliable for participants to just add a few ingredients to their existing delivery orders. You also have the option to pickup the ingredients in-store if you prefer.  Regardless, if you buy the ingredients, you have control over freshness. 

How long are the classes?

On average, our classes are 1.5 hours long. 

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We create menus for vegetarians, gluten free eaters, and vegans all the time. Often, we simply create a menu that is compatible with the group as a whole rather than create separate menus for those with dietary restrictions.

What kind of kitchen tools do we need?

All of our recipes are created with a basic kitchen in mind. That means no fancy blenders, pressure cookers, or sous-vide machines. Do the fancy tools save time, yes, but we like to teach people using basic tools like a standard chef knife, a basic pot and pan set, a strainer, cheese grater, etc. 

What payment options do you accept?

We send an invoice via Quickbooks, which can be paid using a credit card.