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Some of our favorite cooking classes

Virtual Cooking Classes for Corporate Teams

Virtual cooking classes are a great way to learn new skills, have fun, and make delicious food

Virtual Cooking Class
  • Staff Appreciation

    Working from home can be difficult. Our Zoom cooking classes are a great way give back to your employees

  • Team Building

    Keep your work team connected through a shared experience that's both fun and delicious

  • Family & Friends

    Stay connected during quarantine with a delicious and memorable small group cooking class

  • Holidays & Special Events

    Don't let the quarantine ruin your party. Virtual cooking classes are a great way to celebrate

Companies we've cooked with

We love helping brands bring their teams together for a fun and educational experience

How does it work?


Describe what kind of food you want to cook


I'll create a few menu options to choose from and send you a shopping list for ingredients


We connect via Zoom for a 1 to 1 1/2 hour interactive cooking class followed by a culinary Q & A

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Let's get your team together for a fun, engaging and educational experience that is super delicious!

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What will you gain from taking our virtual cooking classes?

  • understanding of ingredients

    We feel that it is important for our students to understand each ingredient and why it's a fundamental part of the dish. 

  • culinary techniques

    An ingredient can be used several different ways. We help our students understand the proper techniques necessary to successfully execute the recipe.

  • confidence in the kitchen

    There is an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanies an able cook. When you complete a Maker's Kitchen cooking class, you'll have an exciting story to tell, a few photos for your Facebook or Instagram page, and the confidence to tackle some new recipes from your own bookshelf.

Our founder

Maker’s Kitchen was founded in 2016 by chef Jesse Kramer, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in NYC and founder of the award winning taco concept called Brooklyn Taco Company. Jesse’s success with creating Mexican food landed him his 15 minutes or should I say 30 minutes of fame on Chopped. His aptitude for creating flavor and his vibrant personality led to a breakfast cooking segment on NBC and a 22 episode Taco video series on Howcast. However, his pride and joy moment was becoming Jon Stewart's favorite caterer at the Daily Show. 

Although Jesse misses the intensity, energy and collective culinary knowledge of a restaurant kitchen, the most gratifying feelings came from training new cooks. Jesse created Maker's Kitchen as a way to bridge his enjoyment of teaching others, his appetite for restaurant-quality food, and love for having fun in the kitchen.

A cooking experience you'll never forget

Instead of going out to the same restaurant again to celebrate, switch things up! Our personable chefs will bring delicious recipes, engaging lessons, and a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.